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Guttering in Kent by Able to Gable Roofing

Guttering in Kent

Guttering comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, and it plays a massive part in keeping your house dry, protecting it from the elements. The guttering is put in place to catch the rainfall from the roof coverings, and disperse it into sufficient drainage or soak-aways underground.

The damages caused by having broken or missing guttering can be substantial. The rain could fall straight from the roof, onto the ground directly to the base of your property. If there is an insufficient damp proof course installed in the brickwork then this could lead to rising damp issues around the property.

It is a good idea to have your gutters cleaned and checked on a yearly basis to ensure they are working correctly. Moss can fall from the roof into the gutters, causing them to block up and overflow. The things to look out for on your guttering are white stains on the joints and around the areas where the gutter meets the downpipes. This would give an indication that these parts of the gutter are failing. This does not necessarily mean the whole gutter will need replacing as we can repair the joints and seals on the existing guttering.

New guttering comes in many colours, and can really uplift the look of your property, just by choosing a style that suits the era in which your property was built. A lot of properties years ago would have been built with cast iron guttering and we can supply many new and better alternatives to this, whilst keeping the authentic look.

Gutter cleaning is a cheap and effective task that could save you hundreds of pounds in the future.

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