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Roof Ventilation in Kent

Roofs without the correct insulation and ventilation can cause damp and condensation in your loft. A mixture of all these things can cause mould and mildew to grow on your walls and ceilings, and can make you very unwell. It is dangerous towards your health and should be dealt with as soon as you notice any of the above.

Ventilation is a key part of the roof space, as it helps the property to circulate air through the roof to stop moisture build up. Information gathered by Building Control and the NHBC is as follows:

"Once water vapour has entered the roof space, the usual and most practical way of removing it is by ventilation.
Both Building Regulations and NHBC require ventilation to be provided in roof spaces. In many pitched roofs, a ventilation slot is built in along two opposite eaves so that air can flow across the roof space. Therefore, it is important that the ventilation slots are not blocked.
The roof space is not intended to be a storage area, so if you do put items up there you could restrict the airflow. The stored items may also become damaged by the condensation.
In some roofs, ventilation isn’t needed because the underlay (the material seen on the roof slopes from within the roof space) is water vapour permeable. This type of roof allows water vapour to pass through the underlay to the outside of the structure, instead of forming as condensation on the surfaces within the roof space. However, condensation can sometimes still occur in this type of roof during cold weather while the building is drying out."

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