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Roof and Loft Insulation in Kent

Roof insulation is a key part of keeping your home efficient, and without proper insulation, you can find that a lot of your the energy you have used to heat your home will be lost through the loft. The government has introduced legislation to ensure home owners increase insulation when carrying out re-roofing works. The recommended minimum depth for mineral wool insulation is 270mm, however if you would rather not use fibreglass as it can be very itchy, there are other materials such as high density insulation boards that can be fitted between the rafters, which will also ensure you home is kept a lot warmer.

If your home has an accessible loft without damp or condensation problems, it is advisable to install roof insulation. If you do have problems with damp or condensation, Able To Gable Roofing are able to overcome these problems by installing cross ventilation systems which should help to eliminate these issues.

Loft insulation is generally effective for at least 40 years, and it will pay for itself over and over again in that time in the energy that it saves you. Normally you will find that it will begin paying for itself in as little as 1 year and from then on you should see big energy savings. A well-insulated home takes very little energy to heat up, and once warm, your home will stay warm for much longer. It is also a green option as it helps the environment by using less fuel, thus reducing emissions.

If you have a loft space you need or would like to use, call Able To Gable Roofing on 01227 206400 for a free quotation and we could help you keep your home warm whilst saving you money.

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