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Old roofs can suffer tremendously with moss and lichen build up, and although many think it is not a problem, it can be causing serious, unknown damage to your roof. Moss can grow between tiles, causing them to move and crack over time. This can lead to water ingress causing damage to your property. Moss also holds water like a sponge, adding weight to the roof which will be in excess to the weight carriage of the tiles. When the moss becomes loose and falls from the tiles, it can end up in the gutters and down the drains, causing them to block up.

Do you suffer from:

Roof moss?
Blocked gutters?
Overflowing down pipes?
Broken tiles and loose pointing?
Green and slippery paths and patios due to moss dropping off?

If the answer to any of these problems is "yes" then you've come to the right place.

How we can solve your problems:

Firstly we will start by hydrocleaning your roof, cleaning each tile individually to remove all dirt, moss and lichin. Next your roof will undergo a thorough fungicidal wash (a moss repellant wash) to help stop the moss from coming back. Then we will replace any broken tiles, ridges and bonnets, and do any necessary pointing to make your roof withstand the great British weather.

Roof colouring from Able to Gable Roofing

Roof Colouring

Once we have cleaned your roof, we can then apply a clear or coloured coating to give your roof extra protection against the great British weather. We have a number of different colours for you to choose from, including antique brown, slate grey and quarry red. Alternatively, if you are happy with the colour of your roof after it has been cleaned, we can apply a clear coating which will retain your roof's natural colour.

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