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Slates have been used traditionally for many years, and are now a key point and often a requirement for a property in a conservation area. They make a great finish to a new roof due to the flat profile and sharp lines of the slates. They are also great for keeping the gutters and rainwater goods clean, as they do not tend to get a great deal of moss build up on them, due to their smooth finish. They are very hardwearing and low maintenance, so make a cost-effective feature to your investment.

The team at Able To Gable Roofing have been suppling and installing slate roofs for many years, and still portray the skills and techniques they used years ago, as they have found them to be the best methods of installation.

Why Choose a Slate Roof?

Conservation Areas - Properties in conservation areas with slated roofs will be required by the Local Authority to retain a slated roof covering, unless agreed otherwise. To change the roof covering, it is imperative to follow the correct procedures as set out by the planning law, and we always make sure we follow the procedures in the correct way.

Appearance - Many of our customers opt for a slate roof because it is aesthetically pleasing and we have completed projects that entailed us removing a tiled roof covering and replacing with slate, purely for cosmetic purposes. On a whole, they make the property look modern but with a traditional twist.

Moss Build Up - Moss build up is one of the biggest things that spoils the appearance of a roof and can lead to a breakdown of cement work, blocked gutters and a damaged roof structure. Due to the smooth texture of slate tiles it is difficult for moss to attach its spurs to the tile face, so natural slate provides the highest moss build up prevention amongst other tiles. Slates will naturally weather and discolour over time to suit your ageing property.

Fibre Cement Slates - these are a cheaper option to natural slate, and from a distance give a similar appearance to the roof. Fibre cements are a great product to use on a development site to keep the cost down when comparing to natural slate. They are also a great way of having a new roof on a tight budget to keep the great British weather out.

Natural Slates - these are a premium option and provide one of the highest quality finishes for your roof. There are a number of different slate options from across the world that carry with them different price ranges, depending on thickness, grade and quality. Natural slate maintains its beauty and durability, and can last for decades.

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