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Planning and Regulations for Roofing in Kent

UK Roofing Planning and Regulations

Nationwide Planning and Building regulations came into force in October 2010 which legislate that anyone completing re-roofing work, including replacement of flat roofs, must apply for Building Regulations approval prior to starting work. The Building Notice procedure is essential, but does not require submission of full plans, which means the Council must be informed beforehand, and there will be a site visit to approve the choice of roof covering and instruct on the amount of insulation that should be introduced to meet new essential energy efficiency standards for homes.

What must be considered?

It is likely for the majority of re-roofing projects that insulation will need to be upgraded and, as a result of this, it is advisable to have insulation upgrades allowed for when budgeting for your project. It may also be necessary to incorporate increased cross-ventilation measures, to avoid condensation issues arising as a consequence of the upgrade.

A Building Control Officer will attend site to check work, and give instructions as to what materials and methods must be adhered to. Once they feel the job meets their criteria and are satisfied, they will proceed to sign-off the works. Failure to do so could lead to problems when trying to sell your property.

What if I have already started work? - If you have already carried out work or are in the process of undergoing roofing work to your property, you will require a regularisation application which will result in a Building Control Officer visiting site. It should be noted that this type of application will attract more fees payable to the Council and could also result in finished work being altered in order to meet the Building Control Officer’s satisfaction. Therefore, it is strongly advised, where possible, to obtain a building notice in advance of the works commencing.

How much do the applications cost? - The building notice application should between £250 to £450 depending on the scale of the project.

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