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Lead Work in Kent by Able to Gable Roofing

Roof Lead Work in Kent

Able To Gable Roofing carries out all aspects of lead work, from flashings to complete roofs. We also undertake lead welding projects and have done many conservation projects in the past.

Lead welding and sculpting is a form of art and requires great skill to work with. We have trained staff within our team to carry out this type of work, so you can be assured your project is being done to the highest standard.

Most people don't know that there are different types of grade of lead that should be used for different areas of the roof, and using the wrong grade lead on the wrong area can shorten its lifespan and cause it to fail sooner than expected. When we are installing any lead we always ensure that the correct grade is used for the job. Lead should also be oiled with patination oil to sustain its looks and to stop staining on any materials surrounding it.

Due to the high number of thefts of lead, our suppliers have come up with a few good composite lead solutions, and we will sometimes advise this on lower areas where we feel it could be vulnerable to save you having to pay out to have it replaced again in the future. We believe in doing the job once, and making sure it is going to last for the time expected.

For your peace of mind, we also guarantee all of our work, so please call us today for a free quotation. Alternatively, please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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