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A chimney is a very serious part of your property, and if in use, should be made sure it is functioning properly before any type of fire is lit in your home, as the outcome of a failing chimney could be drastic.

Chimneys consist of bricks and mortar, and allow the fumes from the fire to be dispersed outside the property, making it safe to have a fire in your home. The correct chimney pots play a big part in making it safe, and the maintenance of the mortar on the chimney is important too. We have been to many properties where the mortar has deteriorated over the years, leaving loose bricks and pots up on the chimney, making it a vulnerable and dangerous point of the property.

Here at Able To Gable Roofing we offer a full chimney service, from repointing and flauching to complete rebuilds and removals.

On a chimney stack there will be a flashing that ties the roof into the chimney to stop water ingress around the chimney stack. Please look at our lead work page to find out more about this.

So for all your chimney requirements, please call Able To Gable Roofing on 01227 206400 or complete the form below.

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